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We are a China flat slab anchor factory,Producing all kinds of flat slab anchor parts,flat slab anchor process, four production processes,water glass process,Silica sol process,sand process,lost foam process;water glass process low temperature lost wax,Silica sol process midium temperature lost wax,We are the leading China flat slab anchor factory. The flat slab anchor parts in our China factory is in good quality.Our flat slab anchor parts usually used materials are carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel,Mn steel,high-temperature steel,heat resistant steel,Ni base alloy,ductile iron,gray iron,Cr iron,grey iron,Copper,Brass,Bronze,aluminum.... We can produce flat slab anchor parts according to your requirements.Our flat slab anchor factory have different sizes of flat slab anchor parts,Water glass flat slab anchor can control tolerances between 8062 CT7-9,weight of products are between 0.5-80KG;Silica sol flat slab anchor can control tolerances between 8062 ct5-7,weight of products are between 0.1-80KG;Sand flat slab anchor can control tolerances between 8062 CT10-13,weight of products are between 50-20000KG;lost foam flat slab anchor can control tolerances between 8062 ct8-9,weight of products are between 0.20-150KG,Parfect flat slab anchor factory has emerged as one of the top innovators among, Our flat slab anchor parts are exported to America,Canada,England,France,Germany,Australia & South Africa Holland,Spain market...! Our flat slab anchor parts are not fracture, wear-resisting, greatly reducing replacement and improve working efficiency.We have strict quality by the user consistent high praise. If you need flat slab anchor parts, please feel to contact us. Parfect flat slab anchor factory will provide you best price with high good quality! parfect flat slab anchor parts in China,starting since 2001, is a specialized in manufacturing all kinds of flat slab anchor parts. The reasons to choose us:1.Good Service.OEM and ODM service offered.1 year limited warranty for defective items(excluding items damaged and/or misused after receipt);2.Specialized flat slab anchor Enterprise in China.Simulation of the flat slab anchor system,Proficient in 3d design software,solidworks,Pro.CAD with rich experienced technical teams,Provide Complete flat slab anchor Solutions;3.Quality Assurance.Well-equipped testing facilities,Good quality control system;4.Competitive Prices, First Choice.Save Cost & Creating Values for You.
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